The Stage Monroe was developed to provide big brake clearance while minimizing rotational mass for drift & street cars with 5x100, 5x114.3, and 5x120 bolt patterns. Focusing on motorsport didn’t sacrifice design, with the Stage Monroe available in our most popular color white, or black chrome, matte bronze, matte gunmetal, and black. All finishes feature a double paint coating for additional resistance for on the track conditions.

The Stage Monroe features ultra-spoke concavity to maximize spoke depth while maximizing brake clearances for our grassroots Corvette drift audience & pro spec E36 chassis. The Monroe also features a center hub pocket design to increase rigidity and increase heat dissipation. With all stage wheels utilizing flow forming technology, wheel weights are kept to a minimum without sacrificing lip rigidity and lateral strength.

The spoke extends to a double reinforced lip which is built to handle dirt drops & rumble strips alike. Small details can be found throughout the Monroe, including laser-engraved wheel specifications on the rear lip, debossing on the inner lip flange, a polished or debossed model name on a single spoke, and a receding star design that reduces weight and adds depth.

Key Features of The Stage Monroe

Rotary Forged / Flow Form Technology

All Stage Wheels feature flow form technology which gives the wheel barrel forged-like properties by aligning the barrel composition which gives the driver a barrel strength unlike anything in the market.

Big Brake Clearance

We don’t sacrifice looks for function. All Stage Wheels feature the maximum level of concavity, lip size, and spoke depth while ensuring any big brake kit, OEM or aftermarket can sit confidently inside our wheels.

JWL/VIA Tested

Unlike Chinese wheel manufacturers which only “digitally” test for strength integrity, we impose a strict expectation of all our wheels to be JWL/VIA tested with FEA analysis conducted with our physical wheels ensuring your next set of wheels are truly safe on and off the track.

Debossed & Engraving Details

All Stage Wheels feature debossed details on the face, lip, and inner lip inside the wheel. This allows drivers to easily hot swap tires without confusing staggered wheel sizes in the pits. With easy-to-read rear engraving, you can spend more time on the track without being confused on what wheels go where. On the front, there’s no sacrifice to style with “knight” being engraved on the spoke, along with “FF” representing our flow formed technology, and JWL/VIA stamping for regulations.

Wheel Finishes That Last

All Stage Wheels feature wild finishes that look good and last on or off the track. With black chrome, matte bronze, gloss white, and more, our wheel finishes are a multi-stage process that keep your wheels looking brighter, longer, and with more detail.

Built to Handle Anything